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HAMBURGER STUDIO is the hi-street fashion brand which you can afford. We believe any girls can rule the world as a fashion influencer!, making your look more notable and outstanding with style. Dare to be different by bold, chic and edgy but stay classy and elegant. C’mon bring out your rebel heart and spoil the passion of fashionista. Let’s mix n’ match these cool and trendy items from street style to high fashion.


If shopping is your passion, then this motto is here to inspire you!. When you found your new favorite pieces that’s perfect for your wardrobe, you buy it immediately even you barely have any place left in your room to collect your items. No rules for the rulers…


The modern fashionistas’s lifestyle and social media comes with the territory. No doubt that they’ll never post the same outfit twice on Instagram, but how can they always get a new items without lying to a bank manager that their credit card gets blocked, hacked or stolen?. Hamburger Studio knows it best!. With new trends coming out every week at affordable price, we’re here to support your fashion addiction!.


Look at yourself in the mirror at home and do not feel confident about yourself. Welcome, gorgeous!. Come and take a look at your new self again here at Hamburger Studio shop, our high street fashion warehouse in Siam Square Soi 2. Mix and match style, wide dressing room, 16 best corners where you can snap the perfect selfie. Oh! darling, this is how we do it here and we bet you’ll literally love it.


The hashtag for all the trendy ladies out there who have a strong passion in fashion. Dare to follow their own rules and break it. Believe in personal sense of style. Feel confidence from the inside out. Dress up for themselves and nobody else. Salute to the queen of fashion street runway!.