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How to snap like a street style star

Bill Cunningham said "The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." and yaas! we absolutely agree with him. Check out these 11 best spots to take your next street fashion Instagram and discover how to mix and match the must-have pieces for this season to conquer the street runway!

Office Syndrome

Survive stressful situations in the workplace : Challenge accepted! From spilled coffee on a keyboard to spend 8 hours a day sitting at your desk and all sorts of stuff every office ladies have to cope with it constructively. Get a good balance between work and play is the coolest things that make you're not a robot in suit. C’mon, put on mascara, your 9 to 5 dress and leaving work on a Friday like a queen!

Concrete Jungle

The story about ironic situations of one working woman who tries so hard to survive the rush hour in Bangkok by taking the modern and efficient public transport service every morning! (If you know what we mean). Although she’s blown away with this messy world, she never leaves the house until she is fully dressed – make-up and everything. Pull out your concrete jungle vibes and make a deal with your not-so-perfect life through this collection.

The Reflection Of Yourself : Style has no gender

Here's an interview with Pat Chanudom Suksatit, the lead singer of theatrical rock band Chanudom is opening up about his choice to reveal his identity as gender fluid, to be a queer in rock. Dig deep into his great attitude that influence young people to reach out their dreams by knowing that gender should never limit their identity and encourage them to face the big wide world with pride. With his rebel soul and edgy style, he choose to appear on stage wearing both masculine and feminine outfits, makeup, and high heels, of course!. Breaking all the gender rules and never apologize for being who he was.

Colorful Culture

Free your mind, slow down, and enjoy the chaos in the India market, a retro marketplace located in the heart of Bangkok that full of lively atmosphere, colorful culture, and fascinating lifestyle. Get inspired by the magical place and season's hottest month with these key-pieces you need for your summer wardrobe.

In Colors She Blooms

Lights, camera, sunscreen anddd action!. Grab your girl gang and get in the car right now, ladies ‘cause we’ll show the world how to slay summer style by wearing these fabulous sixty floral print and bright shades that will literally make you look hotter than the sun!.

The Reflection of yourself

"You have to look in the mirror and see yourself. if it feels good, then I know it's for me. I don't dress to be stared at, I dress for myself." Inspiring quotes by Iris Apfel, 96-year-old New York style icon who gives the powerful advice to every woman out there to enjoy being herself, face the world anyway she wants, and bringing out the woman with attitude, idea, character, taste, rebel soul and show who you really are. These 6 women are a reflection of the new age that defining their own unique sense of style. You don't need to have a pretty face, the perfect body like those Victoria's Secret angels, or wear a million dollars dress but a heart full of love, respect, and defined yourself without public approval!. Maybe we can't be like Kendall Jenner, but we can be ourselves and it's gonna be so much fun. ;)

Own The Street Runway

Salute to the queen of street runway who say yes to new colors from Hamburger Studio!. Be prepared to fall in love with the sassiest bright colors of the season which create a unique look that reflect your style identity and passion in life. Bringing out the woman who has character, spirit, and dressed without apology.

In The Mood For Roses

Be a little dramatic, have a lot of fun, and make a major style statement with one of Thai fashion's most recognisable faces 'Ploi Horwang', our special guest for this exclusive collection. With Hamburger Studio's signature classical black tone and romantic pink french rose from the concept 'Dress in rose', bringing out the woman who has strong character, rebel heart, and stunning style.