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Little Miss Sunshine

You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine!. Brighten up your everyday style with inner confidence and our street-chic items that will make you look young forever!. If there was a love button, everyone would literally press it for you.

Chasing Pirates

Summer ends but our journey just begins. Let's sail away with the strongest girls Sabina Meisinger and Grace Nattaya, the winners of The Face Thailand SS1 & SS3 who play the role as captain on the exclusive yacht trip by 'Blue Voyage Thailand'. Meet our cruise collection in hottest style which make the ocean stirs the heat. When you ready... catch the wind and own the ocean route runway.

Come Rain Come Shine

When the season changes, the heat keep melting make-up off your face and the rain is totally ruining your mood all day but wait... who cares!. Beat the come rain come shine season in style with these fabulous items that will make you look like a trendsetter. Wet, but still look on fleek!!.

Blossom’s Summer Journey in Bangkok

No matter how hot the weather is, we're hotter!. Face the sunlight like the fabulous killer street style queen 'Blossom' the hottest woman at this moment from The Face Thailand Season 3. Let's walk around the beautiful old town in Bangkok with her chillax summer street style like the real Hamburger Studio woman!.

I am a woman. What’s your superpower?

Empower every post-feminism woman with feminine-masculine style inspired by the Women's March. Bring you a sexy, smart, and sophisticated style!. Don't need any sort of superhuman abilities to save the world but you can stay cool by unleash your inner strength and confidence, have a strong passion, and proud to be a woman.

Material Girl

Look through the new modern loft fashion house style in the middle of Bangkok with Thanaerng Kanyawee, a young famous Thai fashionista who comes with the concept 'spoil the passion' - Get fabulous style like NYC fashion girl that always keep it sophisticated, chic, and extreme!.

Lost in Chinatown

Lost into the atmosphere of Chinatown in Bangkok by wearing the newest bright items for welcome this upcoming Chinese New Year. Enjoy living colorful life as urbanista style among the magic moments of china culture.

New Year, New You

"Change for the better." Leave all the mess in life behind; work, finance, and love. Restart yourself with fresh and fun this new year. Hamburger Studio will give you a makeover for a perfect new look. Let's say goodbye to the old you for the most stylish year which is yet to come.